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  • Seoul’s Poster Recycling Project

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    As Korea’s and Seoul’s systems of COVID-19 disinfection have been at the center of attention from the international community, the recent recycling of promotion posters by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has become the talk of the town.

    “THANK YOU ALL!” is stamped on every poster that promoted the basic behavioral guidelines during the early phase of COVID-19 posted on walls inside subway stations. Additionally, “YOU ARE ALL HEROES FOR DISTANCING IN DAILY LIFE” and “WE FOUGHT COVID-19 TOGETHER. CONTINUE BEING HEROES!” are displayed alongside on the top and bottom of the stamp.

    Through this campaign, while successfully delivering the message of gratitude and encouragement to citizens for continuous distancing in daily life by reusing over 2,000 posters that were posted on the walls of 35 subway stations during the early phase of COVID-19, the SMG aims to minimize the use of disposable items of which consumption has sharply surged in the process of dealing with COVID-19.

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