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  • Seoul’s New Smart Poles Charges EVs and Drones

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    • Seoul will install ten smart poles for EVs and drones. A total of 247 smart poles will bring more convenient life to Seoulites by the end of this year
    • “EV-charging smart poles” are expected to be a solution for insufficient charging stations in parking lots
    • “Drone smart poles” will help the city checking real-time traffic volume and detecting illegal parking

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, September 10, 2021 – Seoul announced that it would build two newlydeveloped smart pole models at five sites by the end of this year. A total of ten new poles can light up the streets and charge electric vehicles and drones. The new pole models will maintain the essential functions of the existing smart poles, such as intelligent CCTV and public WiFi.

    In parking lots, poles with high-speed EV chargers will be installed to enable fast charging of electric cars. Also, smart poles for drones where drones get charged and land will be established.

    In addition, the SMG says it will use drones to take a real-time traffic count in nearby areas and guide illegal parking and standing.

    The “EV charging smart pole” to be installed along the roads has various smart functions and can charge an electric vehicle in less than an hour. Seoul chose parking lots as testbed as they are where EV drivers can easily charge their cars. The city expects that smart poles will help tackle the shortage issue of EV charging stations and serve as a springboard for Seoul to transform into an eco-friendly city.

    The “drone smart pole” provides electricity and a landing station to drones. But it did not miss basic functions as a smart pole. It is equipped with CCTV, WiFi, and footfall sensors that are customized to the surrounding environment.

    The SMG plans to offer diverse pilot services using the smart poles dedicated to drones. For example, the poles can be utilized to check the traffic volume of nearby roads, detect illegal parking and standing, improve the environment along streams, or provide safety services like Safe Back Home Scout.

    Apart from this, Seoul will build 211 additional smart poles in four districts by the end of this year.

    In areas around elementary schools, smart poles for school zone safety and CCTV smart poles will be installed, while crosswalk smart poles will stand at each crosswalk.

    This project will make Seoul have a total of 247 smart poles by the end of 2021. Since March, Seoul has been operating 26 smart poles in six areas, including Seoul Plaza and Sungnyemun.

    Last May, the SMG hosted an online session for public officials around the country. The city organized the event to introduce its smart pole setup and operation guidelines and some exemplary cases. The SMG laid the groundwork for the systematic establishment and operation of smart poles by opening six types of guidelines to the public. The smart pole setup and operation guidelines, as well as construction guidelines, are free to download. Anyone interested in it can find it online.

    Park Jong-Soo, Director General of Smart City Policy Bureau, promised, “We will develop the smart pole as one of the core infrastructures of the smart city by adding necessary functions, such as CCTV, public WiFi, and EV charging station, to the pole. By doing so, I believe we can promote the safety, well-being, and convenience of citizens’ lives.”

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