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  • Seoul’s Invitation to “Best 3 Finales of the Han River Summer Festival This Weekend”

  • Press Releases SMG 542
    • – Seoul’s Hangang Office invites citizens to the finale of “2018 Han River Summer Festival” during 17th to 19th August
      • ① Seoul’s Popular Festival: Musicians and DJs hold a relaying all-night concert at Nanji Hangang Park until 4am
      • ② Hangang Eco-friendly Energy Festival: “Green Theater” runs on the electricity generated from 100 portable hydrogen generators at Ttukseom
      • ③ Seoul Story Fashion Show: 70 citizens, elderly and professional fashion models walk the runway at Banpo Hangang Park

    □ “2018 Han River Summer Festival” is coming to an end. The festival was beloved by many citizens as a urban resort for a month during the scorching heat. Citizens enjoyed the outdoor swimming pool, circus performance, paper ship racing and a movie theater under a bridge. Seoul will make the finale of this festival with the top 3 programs this weekend.

    ① Seoul’s Popular Festival (18 Aug) : all-night cultural festival in the mid-summer night

    □ This year marks the 3rd anniversary of 「Seoul’s Popular Festival」 at Youth Square in Nanji Hangang Park starting from 2pm of 18th (Sat) August to 4am of 19th (Sun) August. The first class of youth coordinators for Han River Festival took the initiative in designing the festival. In the festival, young artists’ artworks will be exhibited. Musicians and DJs will also have a relay concert for 9 hours long. All the citizens at the square will enjoy the music and dance, heating up the summer night.

    □ One of the keywords of this year’s supplementary budget is to expand the eco-friendly transportation means, achieving the two goals: 1) shifting from car-oriented to pedestrian-focused city, and 2) improving the air quality. The Seoul city government assigned 7.9 billion won for public bicycles, opening an era of 30,000 bicycles by the end of 2019. In particular, Seoul will run a pilot project to operate 1,000 “electric bicycles” in the 1st half of 2019, helping the elderly going uphill. Along with electric vehicles, Seoul assigned 1.8 billion won for “fuel cell electric vehicles”, emerging as one of the promising eco-friendly transportation means. A total of 50 units will be deployed, 3 units up from the 1st half of this year. 18.2 billion won of supplementary budget is assigned to the deployment of electric vehicles and the expansion of recharging infrastructure.

    ② Hangang Eco-friendly Energy Festival (17th to 19th August) : festival for sustainable future

    □ 「Hangang Eco-friendly Energy Festival」 is to think about the sustainable future and promote environmental preservation. The festival will be held at a lawn under J-Bug Observatory at Ttukseom Hangang Park from 4pm to 10pm for 3 days from 17th (Fri) to 19th (Sun) from

    □ Another unique attraction is the “Green Movie Theater” that runs on electricity generated from 100 portable hydrogen generators.
    Citizens can watch the movies from 8pm for free. In the corner of the venue, a market sells various types of eco-friendly products and food such as photovoltaic-generated coffee, rice balls with organic vegetables, and foaming natural germicide made of 100% food additives.

    ③Seoul Story Fashion Show (18th August) : fashion show with citizens’ participation based on Seoul and Han River’s stories

    □ This year marks the 4th anniversary of 「Seoul Story Fashion Show」, which will be held at Yevit stage of Banpo Han River Park under the theme of “Past, Present and Future of Seoul” from 7pm to 9pm on 18th (Sat) August. A total of 70 models including professionals, citizens and senior models will walk the runway.