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  • Seoul’s dog parks to open over the Lunar New Year holidays as 93.8 percent of the visitors are satisfied with the parks

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    • Dog parks at the Children’s Grand Park and the Boramae Park to be open from February 2, which is earlier than planned, and not be closed for the Lunar New Year holidays
    • The Seoul Metropolitan Government has test-operated the dog park at the World Cup Park during the winter season and found out a significant number of dog owners visited the park
    • According to a survey, 93.8 percent of the dog park visitors were satisfied with the park, so the city government to extend the opening period and promise better maintenance

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, January 31, 2019 – After pilot operation at the World Cup Park for the last months, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will officially open dog parks from February 2, earlier than planned and welcome visitors to the parks during the Lunar New Year holidays from February 2 to 6. The two other dog parks are found at the Children’s Grand Park and the Boramae Park. Especially the dog parks at the World Cup Park and the Boramae Park will open every day without closing days throughout the year. The city government had been operating three dog parks since 2013, having closed them for safety in the wintertime from December to February.

    The Children’s Grand Park is located in Gwangjin-gu, and its dog park is next to the Guuimun parking lot. The Boramae Park in Dongjak-gu has a dog park beside Hyanggiwon in the southern section. The World Cup Park’s dog park is located next to the Pyeonghwa (Peace) Park parking lot. The three dog parks will be open from the morning of February 2 and can be visited during the holidays (from February 2 to 6). The parks are available 24 hours a day for free. However, they will be closed when a special weather statement is issued. In other words, dog owners and their dogs cannot visit the park for their own safety in extremely cold or weather, or in extreme air pollution. Also for their safety, a dog owner under 13 years of age should accompany an adult to the park.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government attributed its decision to open the parks a month earlier than before to the high number of visitors and positive survey results. The 2018 dog park visitor survey report found 93.8 percent of the respondents answered they are “satisfied” with the park. What they liked most about the park was “the space dogs can run and play freely” (75.9 percent). Average 220 dog owners a day visited the World Cup Park during the winter trial period from December 2018, representing a significant demand. Based on these results, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will keep the World Cup Park and the Boramae Park’s dog parks open even during the winter. The ciy government also plans to clean the parks regularly and disinfect it every week with the help of health centers and the Seoul Institute of Public Health and Environment for hygiene control.