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  • Seoul’s Cultural Facilities and Events to Visit this Winter!

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    SEOUL LIGHT 2019.12.20 ~ 2020.1.3

    In the winter, when your body and mind shrink due to the cold weather, why not visit the cultural facilities in Seoul with your family and friends instead of just staying at home? A variety of events held in Seoul Plaza, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Donuimun Museum Village, Seoul Book Bogo with glittering light decorations will make you forget the cold and enjoy a warm end to this year.

    While the year comes to and end and the winter prepares for a New Year, outdoor festivals are held in various parts of downtown Seoul where one can enjoy a winter atmosphere filled with Christmas spirit. ▴ Outdoor festivals including Seoul Plaza’s “Korea Christmas Festival” ▴ and DDP’s “Seoul Light” are waiting for visitors.

    ▴ Donuimun Museum Village and ▴ Seoul Book Bogo have opened this year with unique spaces, attracting many visitors. Starting in December, these cultural spaces will be boasting landscape lights and Christmas trees fit for the concept of each facility and are welcoming visitors.

    Seoul’s representative performance venues, including▴ Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, ▴ Seoul Namsan Traditional Theater, ▴and Seoul Donhwamun Traditional theater, have also begun decorating for winter. With the installation of landscape lighting and sculptures, visitors will be able to enjoy the atmosphere that comes along with end of a year and the beginning of a new year while watching performances such as musicals, classical music, gugak (traditional Korean music), and traditional arts.

    In addition, the public art project, “Wish Firefly,” which is being carried out by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture together with 5,000 citizens, will light up Deoksugung Stone Wall Path until December 26 (Thurs.). “Wish Firefly” is an eco-friendly piece in which LED bulbs with solar-power rechargeable batteries store light and automatically charge during the day, and then illuminate the path once the sun sets. From Deoksugung Stone Wall Path to the garden of the Seoul Museum of Art, fireflies containing the hopes and wishes of the citizens are sparkle in the night.

    The schedule for cultural events and programs held this winter in Seoul can be found on the Seoul Culture Portal (culture.seoul.go.kr) or on the social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Culture Headquarters.

    ○ Facebook: facebook.com/culture.seoul.go.kr
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/seoulcity_culture
    Twitter: twitter.com/culturespace

    Seoul’s Cultural Facilities and Events to Visit this Winter
    “SEOUL LIGHT” at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) Winter decorations in the yard at Donuimun Museum Village
    Interior decorations including the “Book Tree” at Seoul Book Bogo Exterior wall lighting of Seoul Book Bogo
    “Face in Love” at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts “Wish Firefly” at Deoksugung Stone Wall Path