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  • Seoul’s Comprehensive Plan for 2016 Winter Season Focusing on ‘Snow-Removal’ and ‘Welfare’

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 5299

    Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will implement its “Comprehensive Plan for 2016 Winter Season” from November 15th, 2016 to March 15th, 2017 when the citizens suffer from intense cold and heavy snow. The main contents of the plan were prepared to support the citizens’ lives in winter through activities such as snow removal or protection of the vulnerable class. Specifically, this year’s plan is focusing on ‘snow removal’ and ‘welfare.’

    Major measures different from those taken in 2015 include: expansion of the support fund to assist vulnerable people in preparing for winter, sharing of ‘CCTV control’ wsuch as snow removal or protection of the vulnerable class.ith the City Transportation Headquarters of SMG, increase of target amount of fund raising for ‘warm wintering’ by 10%, and expanded installation of free snow removal kit boxes at 1,250 locations along the main roads of all autonomous districts.

    SMG will lead the emergency inspection with the City Transportation Headquarter of the SMG when heavy-snowfall warnings are issued in order to ensure safe traffic conditions from various winter hazards.

    In addition, SMG is going to check the safety status of various urban facilities located in the traditional markets and so on which are vulnerable to freezing and heavy snow. It also will check the fire-fighting equipment and fire water facilities located on the 45 mountains of the city in order to make sure that citizens can enjoy a safe winter.