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  • Seoul’s City Buses Earns the Best Satisfaction Rate to Date

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    Seoul’s City Buses Earns the Best Satisfaction Rate to Date

    The level of satisfaction for Seoul City Buses has reached 81.02 points, the highest score ever since Seoul started conducting city bus satisfaction surveys in 2006. According to the results of the “2017 Seoul Bus Satisfaction Survey,” city buses scored 81.02 points, village buses scored 79.69 points, and airport buses scored 85.33 points.

    Seoul has been conducting bus satisfaction surveys twice a year every year (in the first and second half), targeting citizens 15 years of age and older. In 2017, surveys reflected the views of 13,200 city bus users, 8,000 village bus users, 650 airport bus users, for a total number of 21,800 bus users’ views being taken into account.

    The survey was conducted in 4 parts, considering comfort, convenience, safety, and reliability. For airport buses, an additional section, ▴management and operating services, was also included as part of the survey.

    For comprehensive satisfaction, airport buses scored highest with 85.33 points, with city buses scoring 81.02 points and village buses 79.69 points. For satisfaction rate by category, city buses, village buses, and airport buses all received their highest score in the category of comfort, which shows that customers are satisfied with the level of comfort inside and outside the services.

    ◦ For city and village buses, the order of satisfaction by category from highest to lowest is:
    Comfort > Convenience > Reliability > Safety

    ◦ For airport buses, satisfaction was ranked highest to lowest in the order of:
    Comfort > Reliability > Safety > Convenience > Management and Operating Services

    In addition, areas that require major improvement included “preventing slippery floors when it rains,” “maintaining adequate allocation intervals,” “improvement of information inside buses,” and, for airport buses specifically, “improvement of the high fares.” All suggestions will be taken into account when seeking to improve these areas by working in close cooperation with transportation companies.