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  • Seoul’s CAC Global Summit Hits Over 10 Million Views on YouTube

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    CAC (Cities Against Covid-19) Global Summit 2020 ended with success as the 5-day online global conference held by the Seoul Metropolitan Government to overcome the crisis caused by COVID-19 and prepare for the era of great transformation.

    The videos available in Korean and English have received over 10 million views as of June 5. At this rate, it is expected the videos will hit over 20 million views by the end of June. In particular, the 90-minute, one-on-one conversation between the mayor Park Won Soon of Seoul and Jared Mason Diamond on June 4 (Thurs.) has caught the greatest attention from citizens around the world, obtaining over 1.05 million views.

    CAC Global Summit, as a video conference with no on-site audience, was comprised of a mayoral meeting, sessions on different fields such as climate and environment, conversations with celebrities, and comprehensive conversations which totaled to 1,355 minutes (about 23 hours). In the mayoral meeting, 42 mayors of different cities graced the occasion with their participation.

    A total of 156 speakers, 70 from Korea and 86 from abroad, participated in sessions to have heated discussion and suggest solutions.

    Foreign press also paid great attention to the event. Over 10 international press agencies, including Aljazeera, the national broadcast of Qatar; TRT, the public broadcasting station of Turkey; Agencia EFE of Spain; Le Monde of France; and Wall Street of the USA visited the website and interviewed mayor Park.

    In a situation where movement between countries has been halted due to COVID-19, public and private companies and institutions that are suffering from difficulties in international exchange are greatly interested in the new trials of Seoul. Many are sending inquiries to the Seoul Metropolitan Government to learn about its experience and know-hows gained from hosting the video conference.

    The CAC Global Summit 2020 ended on June 5 (Fri.) with a speech by Mayor Park Won Soon to announce the vision for the Post-Coronavirus era in a comprehensive discussion.