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  • Seoul’s Brand Ambassadors Pinkfong and Baby Shark Console Citizens Affected by COVID-19

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is launching a new viral campaign conveying the message “Thank you so much!” as an expression of gratitude for citizens’ active participation in the nationwide and citywide efforts to fight COVID-19. It will be promoted for a month starting Mon, Oct. 12 to cheer on and console citizens affected by COVID-19’s long-term impact
    This campaign will feature the popular characters Pinkfong and Baby Shark as the first characters to be appointed as Seoul’s brand ambassadors for 2020, and proceed in multiple ways—including the display of “Thank you so much!” as well as installation of 3-meter-tall statues of Pinkfong and Baby Shark in Seoul Plaza, and exhibition of pink lights to convey the message “Let’s all cheer on!”
    Seoul’s brand ambassadors Pinkfong and Baby Shark will be standing as 3-meter-tall statues as part of the I·SEOUL·U installation in the western part of Seoul Plaza and be wearing face masks with “Thank you so much!” written on them to express their gratitude to citizens while also placing emphasis on the necessity of wearing masks in everyday life in the midst of COVID-19.
    Signs will be installed all throughout Seoul Plaza during the campaign period so that visitors can find out more about the campaign. Visitors can scan the QR codes printed on the signs to watch the Pinkfong x Seoul “Thank you so much!” video. The time lapse video of the grass printing installation process will be uploaded on Seoul’s social media channels.
    The “Thank you so much!” campaign song is a remake using the melody of the original global hit song “Baby Shark” that features the two brand ambassadors of Seoul, Pinkfong and Baby Shark. The lyrics contain messages of gratitude for citizens who are fighting COVID-19 by observing disinfection rules for disease control and prevention, such as wearing face masks and social distancing in everyday life.
    Link to video: https://youtu.be/_6N0gN_VTNo
    This viral campaign video, with aims to deliver the key messages of consolation and gratitude to more citizens, will be streamed in various offline media as well—including billboard screens in Seoul, TVs in city buses, monitors in subways and stations. Seoul’s brand ambassadors Pinkfong and Baby Shark will not only reach out to more citizens in many places, but also captivate viewers by airing on large-screen billboards for a grander appearance.

    Seoul’s Brand Ambassadors Pinkfong and Baby Shark Console Citizens Affected by COVID-19
    Seoul City Hall Sebitseom Floating Island
    DDP Namsan Seoul Tower

    In addition, parts of Seoul will be colored in warm pink lights. Following the blue light campaign from this past April that was held to show appreciation for health care professionals, this pink light campaign will show appreciation for citizens using Pinkfong’s color. Five major facilities that symbolize Seoul (Seoul City Hall, Namsan Seoul Tower, DDP, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, and Sebitseom Island) will be lit up with pink lights and show messages of support starting after dark on Mon, Oct. 12.