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  • Seoul’s Bicycle Lane System Based on Citizens’ Proposals in Full Swing Starting October

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), together with a private company, has completed the development of a platform where citizens can directly propose bicycle policies and will be operating the platform in full swing starting in October 2020.

    It is easy to use the platform. If you find inconveniences while cycling, such as disconnected and narrow bicycle lanes, you can send proposals to fix such inconveniences via the “Riding Environment Improvement” menu on the Open Rider mobile app.

    If you find an inconvenience while riding your bicycle, check the list of existing suggestions and then leave your suggestion with a photo. If your suggestion receives more than 20 votes, it will be registered as an official suggestion and reviewed, and you will receive a response within a week.

    Suggestions of policies	→	Reception and handling	→	Analysis and disclosure	→	Feedback on suggestions	→	Improvement of policies for citizens’ convenience
Repair and management of bicycle lanes; establishment of bicycle lanes; etc.
		Categorization and review of suggestion; answer to the suggestion by the person in charge
		Analysis of the frequency and repetition of suggestions; disclosure (web map)		Selection and management of improvement targets		Selection and management of improvement targets
    Flow chart of the handling of policy suggestions on Open Rider

    This new platform can be accessed via mobile app without having to visit any website of public institutions to allow cyclists to make suggestions as easily as possible, and it is designed to enable the users to send proposals on the spot as soon as they find any inconvenience.

    The suggestions from citizens will be handled by TAIMS to be analyzed through big data and used to establish new policies, and they will be open to the public on Seoul TOPIS (Transport Operation & Information Service).

    With the beginning of the collaboration with Open Rider, the SMG has plans to pursue the expansion of the platform so that cyclists can propose policies through every private mobile application that provides bicycle- and map-related information.