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  • Seoul’s best top 5 places for enjoying the full moon in the Hangang during the Chuseok holidays

  • Press Releases SMG 1646
    • The best top five places in the Hangang where the citizens and visitors can enjoy the full moon and celebrate Chuseok
    • Hangang cruises and Seoul Battleship Park are the perfect places where families with kids can view the moon while enjoying various cultural activities
    • Cafes on the Hangang bridges, a rooftop café on the Sebitseom Island, and Seoraeseom Island offer a chance for lovers to have a romantic date

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, September 10, 2019 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the best top five places in the Hangang (or Han River) where the citizens and visitors can enjoy the full moon and celebrate Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving Day, one of the biggest and most important holidays in Korea.

    < Hangang cruise >

    E-Land Cruise will run “Ani-Music Cruise” and “Hangawi Story Cruise” for four days from September 12, which will be good to enjoy Chuseok with children. Families with kids are able to take pictures with characters dressed in special clothes on the cruise, make wishes to the full moon, and enjoy live performances. Besides, “Hangawi Fireworks Cruise” will have a fireworks event so that passengers can have a special celebration. It will run every evening for the four-day holidays.

    < Night view of Seoul Battleship Park >

    Seoul Battleship Park is the perfect place for family visitors to enjoy the autumn and the full moon. Located in Mangwon Hangang Park, the Seoul Battleship Park is one of the best places where beautiful sunset can be seen. Visitors can view the setting sun and the moon ascending. Diverse programs will be run during the holidays, including exhibitions with docents’ explanation, combat rations experience and busking performances.

    < Cafes on the Dongjak Bridge and the Hangang Bridge >

    If you would like to have a date under the full moon with a beautiful night view of the river, cafes on the Hangang bridges are strongly recommended. Visitors can view the moon while enjoying a casual meal or drink at a cafe. Located upstream and downstream of the Dongjak Bridge, “Gureum Cafe” and “Noeul Cafe” boast their magnificent views. Especially, the Dongjak bridge offers an outdoor rooftop observatory, so that visitors can enjoy the sunset and the Banpo Bridge’s Moonlight Rainbow Fountain at the same time. There are also “Café Rio(견우카페)” on the upstream of the Hangang Bridge and “Café Nodeul(직녀카페)” on the downstream, where the sunset and the night view of downtown Seoul can be seen with 63 building in the background.

    < Banpo Moonlight Rainbow Fountain and Sebitseom Island >

    If you want a romantic date with a beautiful night view of the Hangang, Sebitseom Island is the best option. The Island is famous for its beautiful night scenery, perfectly harmonized with the colorful sunset and the five-color lights of the Island. There are restaurants, pubs, and cafes on the Island, so that visitors are able to have a date with enjoying meals and drinks.

    < Seoraeseom Island and Night View of the Banpo Hangang Park >

    How about taking an autumn walk and enjoying the sunset and the moon, making a wish? Seoraeseom Island is where one can fully feel the bright moonlight and where nature lives and breathes. It is very recommendable to talk a walk on the Island with lovers under the bright full moon.