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  • Seoul’s advice to be cautious of online shopping malls selling idol group products

  • Press Releases SMG 146
    • 137 cases of damage counseling related to Weverse Shop selling products of Big Hit Entertainment have received at the Seoul Electronic Commerce Center for 9 months.
    • Many complaints are about defective products, rejection of returns and refunds, and delay in delivery.
    • There are violations of regulations, such as no mandatory information displayed on idol group products.
    • Seoul is planning to take measures after investigating violations of the related law based on the consultation details.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, February 3, 2021 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government said caution is needed as consumer complaints about Weverse Shop increase. Weverse Shop is a commercial platform that exclusively sells albums, idol group products and concert tickets of Big Hit Entertainment artists.

    According to the Seoul Electronic Commerce Center, a total of 137 consumer complaints related to Weverse Shop have been reported between May last year and January 25 this year. Types of complaints were defective of products (41.7%), returns and refunds (34.1%), and delays in delivery (13.6%). This year alone, there have been 30 cases of consultations related to Weverse Shop.

    Looking at the details of the consultation, there were many complaints, such as refusing refunds, transferring shipping costs to consumers, and taking up to several months to receive the replacement product. In addition, Weverse Shop did not properly display some of the product information required by the “Notice on the provision of information on products such as electronic commerce.”

    Based on the damage counseling, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to investigate whether the law related to electronic commerce is violated, and also review measures such as recommendation for correction and imposition of fines. In this regard, the city government will conduct a survey on online shopping malls that sell idol group products in the first half of the year and disclose their compliance with the product information notice.

    Park Joo-sun, an official in charge of Fair Economy Division in Seoul, said, “In the case of idol group products, consumer attention must be needed as there are many teenagers who are unfamiliar with the regulations and related products are sold exclusively in some shopping malls. The city government will take measures actively as keep monitoring and investigating continuously to protect consumers with the related organizations.”