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  • “Seoul’s 90 Beautiful Maple Paths” in Romantic Fall of City

  • Press Releases SMG 1027
    • The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a “90 selected maple paths in Seoul” where visitors can feel the sense of autumn in the city
    • The “90 maple paths in Seoul,” stretching for 150.95㎞ with some 60,000 trees of Zelkova, Ginkgo and Flowering Cherry, show the colorful and lovely maple paths and provide citizens with healing time
    • The maple paths are categorized into 4 themes including ▴water way ▴picnic ▴park and ▴trail, and they are classified for each district
    • The relevant information including location will be provided through ▴Seoul official webpage, ▴Smart Seoul Map app and ▴NAVER Map

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, October 30, 2018 — A weather forecasting agency predicts that Seoul’s peak season for autumn leaves would be October 29th in Bukhansan area in the outskirts of the city and early November in downtown areas. As such, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has introduced “Seoul’s 90 maple paths” that citizens can easily enjoy without a long-distance trip. This year, the city government rearranged its 109 maple paths by integrating the overlapped themes and the separated paths in different districts. By doing so, Seoul selected the final “90 maple paths of Seoul” so that citizens have a better understanding of the paths.

    The “Seoul’s 90 maple paths,” 150.95km long in total, are decorated with about 60,000 plants of Zelkova, Ginkgo, and Flowering Cherry that people are familiar with and Metasequoia with a beautiful shape. Citizens can easily found the 90 selected maple paths among street trees, parks and riverside. They can feel a romantic sense of autumn with colorful maple paths in urban areas.

    The Seoul city government introduces information about the maple paths online to help citizens can fully enjoy the autumn with a break from a busy day. You can find the “90 selected maple paths in Seoul” in the Seoul city’s official webpage (http://www.seoul.go.kr/story/autumn) and “Smart Seoul Map” app. From early November, the city government will provide the service linked with NAVER’s Theme Map so that citizens can easily search for the paths online. The Seoul city’s webpage of the maple paths shows the reasons for the selection and introduces those paths under 4 different themes and by each district.

    In addition, Seoul will hold a “Photo Contest of Maple Paths” under the theme of autumn leaves. This contest is open to everyone with a photo that they took in Seoul. People can apply for the contest in the webpage of “Seoul in My Hands” (mediahub.seoul.go.kr) in November. The photos submitted to the contest will be screened by experts and small gifts will be provided for the winners. Those photos will be utilized for the PR activities of the Seoul city government.