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  • Seoul’s 365 Fashion Show in October, the Autumn with Fashion!

  • Press Releases SMG 1025
    • Seoul opens “Seoul 365 Fashion Show” at the Seoul Square on 23rd Oct and on the pedestrian-only street in Shinchon on 27th October
    • “Seoul 365 – Seoul Square Fashion show” is scheduled to 23rd (Tues) Oct along with beautiful piano sounds and gorgeous fashion
    • “Seoul 365 – University Students’ Fashion Party Fashion Show” will be held on Shinchon Avenue of Youth on 27th (Sat) October
    • Seoul expects “Seoul 365 Fashion Show” to help people enjoy the culture of fashion in mid-autumn days of Seoul

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, October 22, 2018 — As the fall season progresses in October, Seoul Square, the center of Seoul, and Shinchon’s pedestrian-only street filled with a sense of youth will be turned into a venue of a special festival featuring fashion and culture performances. The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a plan to hold a unique fashion show at Seoul Square at 7pm on 23rd (Tue) Oct. The event will express Korea’s unique sensibility as splendid colors and design.

    In this fashion show, Hae-il Yang, the designer of HEILL’, displays 44 pieces of clothes under the theme of “Korean traditions expressed in Korea’s past artworks.” The show is to promote the Korean sentiment in the world by combining it with the Western fashion. Together with clothing, the fashion show will also feature the artist Hana Cho’s fabric art bags and accessories, a glasses brand “Gentle Monster” and a Shoe brand “SERA.” The collaboration is expected to help people further enjoy watching the fashion show. A string quartet will boom up the atmosphere before the show. During the show, a piano live concert is performed to catch the eyes and ears of citizens visiting the Seoul Square.

    On the 27th (Sat) Oct, Shinchon’s pedestrian-only street will be turned into the venue for a fashion festival full of youth and passion. Visitors can enjoy the unique fashion, B-boy dance and DJ performance. Seoul City said that it will launch a fashion show titled “Seoul 365 – University Student’s Fashion Party” on the pedestrian-only street on Yonsei-ro in Shinchon at 2pm and 4pm on the 27th (Sat) Oct.

    O.F.F., a nation-wide university students’ fashion associate, will present 42 clothes filled with university students’ unique vibe of brightness and enjoyment with a sense of wit. The fashion show is to identify and nurture the next generation of young designers. The designers will present their shows with a new and unique approach. Before the fashion show, “Gambler Crew,” a Seoul city’s iconic B-boy dance group will show a fantastic B-boy performance under the theme of “Youth Party.” During the fashion show, DJ Leo will share his playlist. People can enjoy the stage where fashion and music work in harmony. Anyone can enjoy the fashion show on the 23rd and 27th October.