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  • Seoullo 7017’s Summer Program

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    Seoullo 7017’s Summer Program
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    Summer Night Dance Parade Body Painting Parade
    Summer Night Dance Parade Body Painting Parade

    As we walk into the summer period, Seoullo 7017 has organized a variety of programs to enjoy with family, friends or special ones. “Seoullo Parade” is expected to be popular among friends or couples, while the “Puppet Show” should be a perfect event for the younger visitors and their families, and “Board Game and Reading Programs” likely to be greatly appreciated by office workers in the neighborhood and residents.

    Seoul City will hold Seoullo’s parade “Summer Night Dance Parade” on June 30th from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. starting at Seoullo 7017’s upper end (Mongnyeon Madang) and finishing at its lower end (Malli-dong Plaza).

    An exciting puppet show that will send both adults and children to a world of innocence will be held every Saturday at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. from June 23rd to August 18th, for a total of 18 shows.

    Fourteen teams of professional and amateur groups will hold performances on different themes every week that will be free of charge for everyone to attend. Please be aware that depending on the situation, the venue and the time of the performances may be changed. People who wish to attend shows are advised to check the schedule in advance through the official website (seoullo7017.seoul.go.kr).

    The Summer Night Dance Parade (parade), Seoullo Puppet Show (puppet show), Seoullo Escape Resting Area (board game, book club), and all other programs are free of charge. Please visit the official webpage for more information and pre-registration (seoullo7017.seoul.go.kr).