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  • Seoullo 7017 in Seoul

  • Seoullo 7017 in Seoul

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    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, JUN 28: (No charge for the supply, release, or publication of the photograph. The photos are allowed for editorial and commercial use, and the image is retouched with color modifications.)

    Seoullo 7017 is an elevated linear park and pedestrian greenway made as a part of Seoul’s city-wide urban regeneration project to bring happiness to citizens with a space to enjoy greenery and promenades in the city. The number ‘7017’ in its name is a combination of two separate years signifying its construction in 1970 and rebirth in 2017. Moreover, ’17’ also refers to its 17 pedestrian path connections that create a walking tourism network. Along Seoullo 7017, pedestrians can enjoy a path of hydrangeas in bloom as well as gain easy access to Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul Station, Malli-dong Plaza and other day-to-day scenes of downtown Seoul. Seoullo 7017 has been reborn as an attraction filled with flowers and trees to serve as a place of communication that connects neighborhoods for visitors to enjoy the history and culture of Seoul together with nature.