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  • Seoullo 7017 Amenities for Tourists and Citizens

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  • Tourist facilities and convenience facilities will open along with the opening of Seoullo 7017 on May 20, 2017 (Sat). At ‘Seoullo Travelers’ Café (Toegye-ro Traffic Island),’ a one-stop service lounge for individual foreign tourists, you can check in heavy luggage or make reservations for tourist packages on a dedicated PC and use copy, scan and fax services. At Seoullo Shop, which is located between Hoehyeon Station and Seoullo you can buy souvenirs such as an eco-bag, magnets for refrigerators and mugs.

    During busy weekend hours, ‘Visiting Tour Guides’ will be stationed to walk around and provide their services. While enjoying the flowers and trees on Seoullo, you can also buy snacks and food at the F&B facilities that sell bibimbap, mini gimbap and Korean-style toast.

    Seoullo 7017 Amenities for Tourists and Citizens

    Seoullo 7017 Amenities for Tourists and Citizens

    The tourist and convenience facilities at Seoullo 7017 are operated year round from 10am (11am for F&B) to 10pm. Tourist and convenience facilities consist of three tourist information centers (① Seoullo Travelers’ Café, ② Seoullo Information Center and ③ Seoullo Shop) and five F&B facilities (④ 7017 Seoul Bibimbap, ⑤ Rose Gimbap, ⑥ Hydrangea Bread, ⑦Magnolia Café and ⑧ Acorn Sweets).

    Seoullo 7017 Amenities for Tourists and Citizens

    • Seoullo Travelers’ Café (Toegye-ro Traffic Island, 119.8㎡): This is a specialized tourist information center and resting space for free travelers. In addition to being a tourist information guide center, the café provides a PC dedicated to interactive product reservations, IoT-based luggage locker and a machine that performs copying, scanning and faxing to individual free travelers. It also sells traditional Korean sweets.
    • Seoullo Information Center (Ground level section of the entrance to Toegye-ro, 13.5㎡): The center introduces the history and significance of ‘Seoullo 7017′ and provides information on nearby attractions such as Namdaemun Market.
    • Seoullo Shop (Ground level section of the entrance to Toegye-ro, 13.5㎡): The shop sells over 20 kinds of official souvenirs centering on the theme of ‘Seoullo 7017.’
    • 7017 Seoul Bibimbap (Malli-dong Square, 119.8㎡): 10 honorary chefs of Seoul will present new menus centering on the theme of bibimbap in relay.

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  • MITUL KANSAL 06/13/2017 (6:40 오후)

    Seoullo 7017, Korea’s first high overpass stretching for 1,024 meters, is a symbol of SMG’s commitment to sustainable urban renovation. SMG’s is committed to creating a pedestrian-friendly city, and to making the areas surrounding Seoul Station an international hub for tourism and culture.