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  • Seoulites to Single out Seoul’s True Attractions

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    Major news organizations worldwide, including CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post of the U.S., The Sankei Shimbun and Nishi Nippon Shimbun of Japan, and Trends Media Group and Xinhua News Agency, and Guangzhou Daily of China are paying attention to Seoul. So, what are Seoul’s attractions that are enticing people from around the world?

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will conduct a “Survey of Seoul’s attractions that have been singled out by Seoulites and foreigners” via online channels, including the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s website during August 10 – 24. The survey is designed to the discover attractions of the Korean capital as viewed from the diverse perspectives of Seoulites (Korean nationals) and foreigners, develop them into tourism resources, and use the related contents in global marketing campaigns for the city.

    Seoulites can participate in the survey by visiting the city government’s website (www.seoul.go.kr), or mobile smartphone portal (m.seoul.go.kr), or by dialing 02+ wireless internet keys (Nate, SHOW, ez-i) when using their mobile phone to respond. Foreigners can take part in the survey via the city government’s four language websites (English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Japanese).

    Language Homepage address Language Homepage address
    English english.seoul.go.kr Simplified Chinese chinese.seoul.go.kr
    Japanese japanese.seoul.go.kr Traditional Chinese tchinese.seoul.go.kr

    The survey of foreigners will be conducted by using a global network of foreigners who have participated in Seoul Metropolitan City’s administration over the past years, coupled with emails.

    Based on the results of the survey, the city’s government will provide real time items that are suitable for marketing and that may attract attention from major international media outlets in setting and implementing a strategy to effectively promote the image of Seoul as an attractive global city. The City Government will also present various contents and images under the theme of “Seoul’s Attractions” via SNS channels such as Facebook, blogs, and YouTube on a regular basis.

    Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has continuously discovered and developed contents for marketing the city by keeping in line with the slogan, “Infinitely yours, Seoul,” and has staged strategic overseas marketing campaigns for targeting the entire world.

    Through these efforts, the city’s government has introduced elements and items that are unique to Seoul, including the coexistence of tradition and modernity, advanced IT technology, natural environments (including Hangang River and Namsan Mountain), and culture and policy. As a result, for three consecutive years Seoul has been picked as the city that Asian tourists want to visit the most.