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  • Seoulites directly select Seoul’s 113 primary tourist souvenirs

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    Seoulites directly select Seoul’s 113 primary tourist souvenirs

    Since April, Seoul City has been holding the 6th Seoul Tourism Souvenir Contest. This month, the 310 souvenirs that have already gone through the first round of screening by experts will be examined by ordinary citizens and tourists from August 3rd to August 7th.

    This year’s competition was held on themes such as “Seoul’s Road,” “Lotte World Tower SEOUL SKY,” and “63 Building,” with a total of 395 exhibits.

    A Citizens’ Screening will be held from August 3rd to August 7th on the basement floor of 63 Building for any interested ordinary citizens or tourists. Seoulites and tourists participating in the screening will receive a total of 13 stickers as they arrive at the site with which they will select ten of the exhibits related to Seoul City, two exhibits submitted under the Lotte World Tower SEOUL SKY theme, and one of the works in the 63 Building category.

    After the exhibited works are judged by citizens and tourists, a total of 113 winning works will finally be selected at the end of August after a second Expert Screening round.

    Out of the final winning works, the top 15 related to Seoul City and top 13 in relation to the private sector will be purchased after going through specialist merchandising procedures and will be used during Seoul’s international events. The winning souvenirs will also be given the opportunity to be presented at the DDP store, the Lotte World Tower SEOUL SKY Shop, and the 63 Building Souvenir Shop.

    Seoul City will continue to expand the scope of tourism souvenirs through cooperation with private companies, while also actively utilizing the distribution networks owned by these enterprises and expanding its commercialization process and sales support.

    Seoul Tourism Souvenir Contest Citizens’ Screening summary

    • ○ Date: August 3rd (Fri) to August 7 (Tue) 2018
    • ○ Location: 63 Building B1F (10 AM – 7 PM) ※ Enter through 63 Square revolving doors
    • ○ Participants: 310 works that have gone through the Expert Screening
      • – Seoul City: 285 works / Lotte World Tower SEOUL SKY: 15 works / 63 Building: 10 works
    • ○ Screening Method
      • – Any citizen or tourist can vote
      • – Receive 13 stickers, and vote for ten works in Seoul City category, two in Lotte World Tower category, and one in 63 Building category

    ※ Inquiries: Design & Craft Industry Team, Seoul Design Foundation (+82-2-2096-0164)