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  • SeoulInspects School Restrooms to Root out Spycam Crimes

  • Press Releases SMG 171
    • Seoul Metropolitan City will carry out inspections in cooperation with the education office and city police to make safe school restrooms
    • It will lend inspection equipment to schools and support psychotherapy for victims of spycam crimes
    • Measures to prevent spycam crimes and conduct regular checkups of public restrooms will be reinforced

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, August 6, 2021 – Seoul announced that it would track down spycams in school restrooms in collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE) and Seoul Metropolitan Police.

    In an effort to allay the fear of illegal filming in school bathrooms and secure a safe environment for students, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) arranges cooperative inspections with the two organizations. Although spycam crimes continue downward trend, numbering 2,619 in 2017, 2,136 in 2018, and 2,033 in 2019, they persist.

    The SMG will establish joint inspection teams, including the citizen surveillance team of spycam crimes. From August 16 to September 30, the teams—composed of 401 people—will carry out inspections in 1,360 schools—elementary, middle, high, special, and many other types of schools.

    Integrated school support center will offer long-term equipment rental services to help make a safer school environment. The SMG has already distributed 862 lens-type spycam detectors and detector sets for spycam-free restrooms.

    In connection with the comprehensive support system for victims of digital sex crimes, the city government will provide an ‘outreach supporter service,’ which includes overall legal help for victimized students and teachers, along with post management services such as therapy sessions.

    The outreach supporter service is a care project for victims of digital sex crimes. The SMG is running it to prevent digital crimes against children and teenagers and support those in need.

    Meanwhile, the SMG will bolster preventive actions against illegal filming to make bathrooms safe from spycams. In addition, it plans on reinforcing the ordinary inspection system for public restrooms and promoting self-inspections for private bathrooms. Going forward, the SMG will expand the citizen monitoring teams by adding more staff and construct ordinary checkup systems hand in hand with the SMOE and the Seoul Metropolitan Police.

    “Our citizens are concerned with spycam crimes as they have never been completely rooted out,” said Kim Seon-soon, Deputy Mayor for Women & Family Policy Affairs. “We will work with the SMOE and the city Police and take relentless actions to prevent illegal filming and create a better inspection system so that our students and residents can use restrooms without having to have any fear.”