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  • Seoul Zoo Unveils World’s Tallest ‘Chimpanzee Jungle Tower’

  • Integrated News SMG 3623

    Seoul City has completed the construction of the world’s tallest “Chimpanzee Jungle Tower” at Seoul Zoo (grandpark.seoul.go.kr). The Chimpanzee Jungle Tower, built by Seoul City in 46 days from February 1 to March 18, consists of three high-rise towers standing 12, 18 and 24 meters tall, respectively.

    The newly completed 24-meter-tall Chimpanzee Tower , Chimpanzees playing at the old 6-meter tower

    The 24-meter-tall tower has broken by an impressive nine meters the record for the world’s tallest primate tower (15 meters), which was previously held by Kyoto University’s Primate Research Institute in Japan.

    Notably, Seoul City said that 24 meters is the height most favored by chimpanzees as it is thought to significantly enhance their vitality and energy. As such, the new towers are expected not only to help improve chimpanzees’ health, but also to provide visitors with an extraordinary viewing experience.

    Seoul Zoo announced that it has unveiled the Chimpanzee Jungle Tower in advance as part of its efforts to promote the facility to the public. From April 7, countless citizens visiting Seoul Zoo will have the chance to view chimpanzees playing freely and energetically at the Jungle Tower in the Chimpanzee Wild Field of the Ape Pavilion.

    Currently, Seoul Zoo has five chimpanzees, namely Yongyong, Gapsun, Judy, Gwangbok, and Kkamwi. The zoo plans to release the chimpanzee families at the Chimpanzee Jungle Tower during its opening hours.