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  • Seoul Zoo Holds “Spring Scent Flower Festival”

  • Integrated News SMG 3264

    Seoul City’s Seoul Zoo is holding a special feast, dubbed the Spring Scent Flower Festival, under the theme of ‘spring flowers and folk tales’.

    Seoul Grand Park will convene a spring flower exhibition at the botanical garden for 53 days from March 19 to May 10. More than 8,000 flowers of 260 species, including Eco Art work and orchids, are on display.

    At the entrance to the botanical garden, which serves as the festival’s main stage, visitors will encounter a “Garden of Rabbit Character” as 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit.

    In addition, a four-meter-high flower pagoda – named Pegasus after the flying horse from the Greek Myth – has been installed on each side of the entrance to the garden.

    Furthermore a thematic exhibition on the three asterisms, namely “Aries, Leo, and Taurus,” has been installed under the title of “Flower World Journey to the Stars” at the Orchid Pavilion.

    The exhibition will also feature a wide variety of creative activity-based programs, including the ‘flower painting handprints’ experience, which allows visitors to create T-shirts adorned with their own flower designs; the ‘pet plant creation’ experience, which allows visitors to make a topiary and a mini flowerpot; and the ‘natural soap and cosmetics making’ and ‘flower pressing’ experiences, where visitors can produce mobile phone accessories, key chains, and necklaces on their own using flowers.