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  • Seoul Zoo’s Special Exhibition of Unusual Frogs from Around the World

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    In celebration of Gyeongchip (the day on which insects emerge from their holes on earth, March 5th), Seoul Zoo has organized a Special Exhibition of Unusual Frogs to usher in feelings of spring for museum-goers. Gyeongchip is one of 24 solar terms, and more specifically the one in which frogs awake from hibernation. It was named Gyeongchip because many creatures begin to emerge from hibernation when the warm weather of spring arrives.

    The special exhibition, to be held from March 3rd to June 30th, will feature approximately 400 frogs from 25 unusual species, including some 200 frogs (green frogs, golden frogs, etc.) and salamanders from thirteen species that are indigenous to Korea, and another 200 foreign frogs (African bullfrog, budget frog, etc.) and amphibian Axolotls from twelve non-native species.

    Indigenous Korean Golden Frog, Amplexus of Toad

    During the exhibition, visitors will be able to observe these unique species of frogs and have their photo taken while holding an African bullfrog. A number of unique events and exhibitions will also be organized, such as ‘making wishes while looking at a bullfrog’s feet,’ in which participants can make wishes for the year to come, a frog ecology photograph exhibition, a crying sound of world frogs exhibition, a slide show, and a comparative exhibition, in which visitors can observe the lifecycle of various species of frogs from egg to tadpole to mature frog.