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  • Seoul Zoo’s 101st anniversary celebrates births of rare species

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    Nose Monkey and Bra Monkey, Squirrel Monkey

    The Seoul Zoo was able to share a wealth of newborn animals of rare species for its 101st anniversary on Nov. 1, thanks to the successful mission of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), Seoul City said.

    Coyote, Otter Siblings (brother and sister)

    The Seoul Zoo is home to as many as 3,000 animals, of 320 species from all over the world. CITES plays a role in protecting endangered species.

    From January to October this year, the local zoo saw a total of 303 births of 59 different species, a jump in numbers compared to 2008 when it registered 198 births across 59 types of animals, and also 2009 when it recorded a total of 137 births among 53 different species. Seoul City said its remodeling of the zoo has helped the national facility become a growing treasure of the eco system.

    Africa Porcupine, A Puma Family

    Some of the newborns included four cranes, two storks and otters. Seoul City said the births are even more significant because the animals are designated as rare endangered species under CITES.