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  • Seoul Waterworks Benchmarked in Trinidad and Tobago

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    In the past few years, Seoul’s waterworks facilities and technology have been gaining much recognition worldwide. Last year in 2013, over 550 overseas city officials visited Yeongdeungpo Arisu Water Purification Center and Seoul Waterworks Authority. The facilities were once again graced with the presence of foreign dignitaries on May 13, 2014 with the visit of officials from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
    House Speaker Wade Mark of Trinidad and Tobago made his initial request to visit the waterworks facilities when he came to Korea on May 7 to participate in the World e-Parliament Conference .

    During his visit, Mark and the director of the Seoul Waterworks Authority discussed information related to waterworks systems, and the two promised to build a close and mutually cooperative relationship. One of the main topics of discussion was the installation of a remote water meter and the operation of a waterworks system that both of which are part of a project commissioned by the Water and Sewage Authority of Trinidad and Tobago.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government also provided information on the policies and technology of waterworks in Seoul, allowing Korean companies to bid on the Trinidad and Tobago waterworks construction project.

    The project, commissioned by the Waterworks and Sewage Authority in Trinidad and Tobago, involves the installation of about 15,000 water meters. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will bid on the project after forming a consortium with a Korean SME. The city government will not participate as a shareholder, but will supervise and manage the construction project using its advanced technological knowledge of urban water supply and drainage systems. In this way, Seoul and Korean SMEs will pursue expansion into the overseas markets through the consortium.

    Trinidad and Tobago
    ◦ Diplomatic Relations Established in: July 23, 1985
    ◦ Total Area: 5,128㎢ (approx. 1/43 of the Korean Peninsula)
    – Trinidad: 4,828㎢, Tobago: 300㎢
    ◦ Population: 1,340,000
    ◦ Capital: Port of Spain (Population: 460,000)
    ◦ Language: English
    ◦ GDP: USD 27.1 billion (GDP per Capita: USD 20,325)
    ◦ Major Industries: Oil, chemical products, tourism, processed foods