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  • Seoul Washes Duvets for Severely Disabled Individuals and Senior Citizens Living Alone

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    Seoul Washes Duvets for Severely Disabled Individuals and Senior Citizens Living Alone
    Seven-ton Duvet Laundry Truck Distribution of New Duvets

    In celebration of the new spring season, Seoul will be conducting a “one-stop traveling duvet laundering service” to alleviate the burden of housekeeping for severely disabled individuals and senior citizens living alone with impaired mobility and to improve their personal hygiene and living environments. Large laundry trucks used exclusively for washing duvets will visit apartment complexes and welfare centers for the disabled in 25 autonomous districts to collect and wash duvets that have not been washed during winter and return them after being cleaned.

    Individuals with severe disabilities and senior citizens living alone are mobility impaired and find it difficult to maintain clean personal hygiene as they have trouble regularly washing large linens like duvets. Because of this, these individuals have no choice other than to use these linens for a long time without washing them. The duvet-washing service can be provided when the individual in need of the service or a neighbor inquires and applies by contacting the Southern Welfare Center for the Disabled, which is in charge of the business; the welfare center for the disabled, domiciliary senior citizen support center, or community service center of the autonomous district in which they live; or otherwise after identifying targets through cooperation between related institutions, including welfare centers for the disabled.

    Seoul has plans to promote the service through community service centers, senior citizen welfare centers, and more. The city will actively shed light on blind zones so that severely disabled individuals and senior citizens living alone, not only in welfare centers and rented apartments but also dosshouses and gosiwon rooms, will not be excluded from these types of services.

    Officials of the Seoul Metropolitan Government said, “Since we launched the traveling duvet laundry service through the ‘Southern Welfare Center for the Disabled,’ 12,000 individuals have benefitted from and expressed great satisfaction with the service. This year, we will not only offer a duvet laundry service, but we will also provide those in urgent need with new duvets.”