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  • Seoul Vision 2030 Theme Song & Jingle Contest

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is holding Seoul Vision 2030 Theme Song and Jingle Contest to spread the philosophy and core values of Seoul Vision 2030, the city’s master plan for the next decade, together with citizens.

    The SMG is holding the contest under the theme of “Seoul, Up and Running Again as a Fair City,” which is also the goal of Seoul Vision 2030. Not only Korean citizens, but also international residents in Korea and participants abroad can enter the contest. The theme conveys the SMG’s commitment to developing Seoul as a fair city with global competitiveness where the ladder for social mobility to advance to higher-quality living is guaranteed, and the values of fairness and shared growth are upheld.

    Theme song must be a song with background music and lyrics that uses more than one musical instrument and is in a length of maximum 20 seconds, and jingle must be a short song that features Seoul’s city brand, products and slogan, among others, in a length of maximum five seconds.

    Works are received online from Fri, Oct. 1 to Tue, Oct. 12 via Google Forms available on the SMG’s media hub (mediahub.seoul.go.kr) and website (english.seoul.go.kr). The official website provides detailed information of the contest in English and Chinese.

    The winning works will be selected through a screening by a panel of expert judges. The 17 selected individuals or teams will receive the prize money of KRW 9 million in total together with the certificate of Mayor’s Award. The winning works will be used in the promotional and advertising materials for Seoul Vision 2030 to play the role of spreading the philosophy and values of Seoul Vision 2030 to citizens.