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  • “Seoul Village Lawyers” Have Solved 10,000 Legal Cases Helping Citizens in Agony!

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 6073

    The Seoul Village Lawyers Program has solved 9,296 legal cases that citizens have brought over two years since the program began. The program was intended to provide citizens with a free legal consulting service to help them with their troubles and questions in everyday lives in their nearest (dong) community service centers.

    The program allocates lawyers (one to two per village) interested in doing public service activities for villages in need, so that everyone can receive a one on one legal consulting services free of charge in their nearest (dong) community service centers. The lawyers deal with various cases including claim and obligation relationships, lease, real estate and noise complaints between floors. By doing so, they have played a role as troubleshooters in villages, without weighing the importance of matters.

    The Seoul Village Lawyers Program has been extended step by step, beginning with 166 lawyers in 83 vulnerable neighborhoods with a lack of legal offices in December 2014. Now, as many as 622 village lawyers have engaged in this program in 344 dongs. When they form close ties with community service centers and village residents through various legal activities, they go so far as to engage in more various activities such as giving a culture lecture on law for living and participating in citizen autonomy committees, village events, etc.

    Furthermore, the Seoul government is scheduled to set a new direction and reorganize a manual before expanding this program toward the 424 dongs throughout Seoul in the first half of next year.