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  • Seoul Urban Agriculture Expo 2013 to be Held

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    Following the successful inaugural urban agriculture expo in 2012, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding the 2nd Seoul Urban Agriculture expo for four days from Thursday, May 30 to Sunday, June 2 in a number of locations including Seoul Plaza in Central Seoul, Nodeul Vegetable Garden in Yongsan-gu, Hannae Vegetable Garden in Geumcheon-gu, and Community Vegetable Garden in Gangdong-gu.

    The UA (urban agriculture) Expo is aimed at expanding UA through exchanges of information and hands-on demonstrations and upgrading UA as an industry in its own right. It perfectly matches the current municipal administration’s policy direction of making Seoul a sustainable city through efforts toward coexistence with nature and recovery of community spirit.

    According to an official in charge of the expo, the city expects the expo to provide a momentum for the qualitative growth of UA in Seoul as a means of sustainable, eco-friendly agriculture for the city’s ten million inhabitants in line with the significant quantitative growth of UA in the metropolis.

    “Since the city’s launch of UA in Seoul in 2012, the number of urban vegetable gardens in Seoul has increased from 100 to more than 1,600. Moreover, the city of Seoul has planted rice paddies in Gwanghwamun Square in Central Seoul and raised honeybees on City Hall’s rooftop gardens; these were proven to have improved air quality in the city. The citizens are implementing UA in various forms in a number of places such as empty lots, rooftops, and verandas. The community spirit has returned. Seoul is coming back to life in so many places,” Mayor Park Won Soon noted at the opening ceremony of the expo.

    Under the theme of “1,000-urban-vegetable-garden festival presented by ten million urban farmers,” the 2013 UA Expo features various programs such as running the UA Exhibition & Experience Hall, holding the International UA Academic Conference, Tours of UA sites across the City, and; Hands-on UA Experiences.


    The UA Exhibition & Experience Hall will be set up in Seoul Plaza. Citizens will be able to learn about the seven major concepts of UA there as well as in a number of vegetables gardens created in the plaza.

    Ten civic groups such as Seoul UA Network, Soil Revival Lab, and Eco21 will run the “Natural Circulation UA Hall” under the theme “Circulation and Revival.” The hall will offer diverse programs such as making gutters with mineral water containers, making houses for grasshoppers, preventing blight, growing vegetables in pots, education on the importance of indigenous agricultural products, and; enjoying UA with the five senses.

    A 7m x 10m paddy field will be created at the center of Seoul Plaza so that citizens will be able to experience transplanting rice seedlings, a key step in rice farming. Professional farmers will help citizens to experience pesticide-free rice farming in an eco-friendly rice paddy with ducks and mudfish.

    Starting from 11 am (2 pm on May 30th due to the opening ceremony), the city government will offer organic fertilizer and seedlings of lettuce, chicory, and Chinese cabbage to a total of 2,000 people free of charge each day on a first-come-first-served basis.

    On the last day, June 2, Marché@Seoul Plaza will open its doors in Seoul Plaza at 11:00 am.

    Citizens will be able to enjoy the UA products harvested by UA farmers and dishes prepared by professional chefs using UA products

    At 2 pm on Friday, May 31, the “UA Symposium” will be held at the conference hall on the 3rd floor of City Hall. TED-style presentations will be given by speakers from Japan, Taiwan, and Korea regarding the present and future of UA in their respective countries.

    Unlike the inaugural UA expo in 2012, the Seoul UA Expo 2013 can be enjoyed throughout the city since events will take place concurrently in many places throughout the city. For this, the city government runs the “UA Tour Bus” during the expo period. The free bus will stop at UA vegetable gardens such as Mullae, Hongdae Dari, Hapjeong Daeryuk, Sangam Dure, and Seoul Art Space_Seongbuk.

    For details, please visit the website (www.agro-cityseoul.kr). For group visits, please visit the website or call the secretariat (tel. +82-2-70-4423-7143).

    “The UA Expo 2013 is an exciting festival not for urban farmers but also for all citizens of the city. Citizens’ participation is the key to making Seoul a city of vegetable gardens, a city of citizens’ communities, and a city full of life,” said Mayor Park Won Soon.


    Overview of Seoul UA Expo 2013

    • Name: 2nd Seoul Urban Agriculture Expo
    • Period: Thursday May 30 ~ Sunday June 2, 2013 (10:00~18:00)
    • Contents
    Expo Name Programs Program Contents
    The 2nd Seoul UA Expo Opening Ceremony
    14:00 May 30
    • Declaration of the Expo Opening
    • The Opening Ceremony
    • UA Performances
    • Presentation of Vegetable Garden Boxes
    • Tour of the Exhibition Hall
    • Distribution of Seedlings and Organic Fertilizer
    May 31

    May 30, June 1 & June 2

    • Workshop 1: “Urban Agriculture and Proper Technologies”
    • Symposium: “Agriculture Heals Cities.”
    • Workshop 2: “From Vegetable Gardens to Markets: Urban Planning for Citizens’ Eco-friendly Lives”
    • Workshop 3: “Daring Imagination for Seoul Plaza: ‘Grow food, not lawn.'”
    UA Exhibition Hall
    May 30 ~ June 2
    • Composition of Exhibition Hall focusing on the understanding of urban agriculture
    • Information Hall
      – UA Video Hall (The current status of UA and messages)
      – UA Education Hall (Exhibition of agricultural tools and news on global UA)
      – UA Life Hall (Creation of verandah vegetable gardens; Exhibition of
      UA related furniture)
      – Rooftop vegetable gardens (circulation gardens & recycled gardens)
    • International Hall (Taiwan Hall & Japan Hall)
    • Recycling Hall
      – Seoul Agro-fisheries & Food Corporation’s Hands-on Experience Hall
    • Garden Hall
      – Korea Flower Association’s Hands-on Experience Hall
    • Daegu UA Expo Hall

      – Daegu UA Expo Secretariat’s PR Hall
    • Vegetable Garden Hall
      – Seoul Agricultural Technology Center Hall
    • Natural Circulation Urban Agriculture Hall
      – More than 10 civic groups’ hands-on experience hall
    • Corporate Hall (General and Social Enterprise Halls)
    • Symbolic sculptures
    Ancillary Events
    • Marche@Seoul Plaza
    • Distribution of Vegetable Seedlings
    • Distribution of Organic Fertilizer
    Hands-on Experiences
    • Making Mini Flower Vases
    • Experiencing Carpentry
    • Making Window Farms
    Events at Local Vegetable Gardens
    • Vegetable Gardens of Nodeul, Hannae and Pajeori Rooftop
    • Sangil-dong Community Vegetable Garden and Dobong-dong Eco Farm
    • City Hall Bee-Garden
    • Truck Farms
    • UA Tours (Stamp tour + Bus tour)
    • Contest of Recycled Vegetable Garden Boxes