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  • Seoul Upcycling Plaza

    00:00:07 Hello everybody.
    00:00:08 My name is Millena.
    00:00:09 Today, I’m here at Seoul Upcycling Plaza.
    00:00:11 Let’s take a look around together.
    00:00:25 Seoul Upcycling Plaza is the world’s largest cultural complex where visitors can see, learn and experience everything about upcycling.
    00:00:31 It is also a place where citizens can participate in and contribute to healthy cycle of production, distribution, and consumption of resources.
    00:00:38 Guys, so this place is called Material Bank
    00:00:40 All these materials I show to you
    00:00:42 they use and they display here for people like to see
    00:00:45 and to use in the workshops.
    00:00:47 They have workshops here.
    00:00:51 Guys, look at this.
    00:00:53 There are like mini wallets.
    00:00:56 I really like this one.
    00:01:05 Look at this one.
    00:01:08 So guys here on the second floor
    00:01:10 is where they sell some of the things they do, like they make.
    00:01:14 So I’m going to show you some of the products they have.
    00:01:20 Guys, I was looking around
    00:01:22 then I found something I really liked.
    00:01:24 This ring is made of,
    00:01:28 like, this part of the ring’s made of shell.
    00:01:30 So I’m going to buy this one.
    00:01:33 So here is where they have some workshops,
    00:01:36 where they draw on the bottle.
    00:01:37 They paint the bottles.
    00:01:39 You can see there’s Snow White here.
    00:01:41 Many different types of draws, K-Pop idols.
    00:01:48 So here on the third floor,
    00:01:50 you can find the upcycle products.
    00:01:53 You can also participate in workshops
    00:01:55 with this materials
    00:01:57 and make your own upcycle product.
    00:02:00 So it’s really interesting.
    00:02:03 There are lots of beautiful products here.
    00:02:10 Guys, I have lots of fun here today at Seoul Upcyling Plaza,
    00:02:13 and I hope to see you again soon.
    00:02:15 Bye bye.
    00:02:19 Opened in September 2017, the Seoul Upcycling Plaza is operated as a hub for spreading the culture of upcycling.
    The plaza aims to raise citizens’ awareness of upcycling through experience-based workshops and exhibitions.