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  • Seoul Upcycling Forum, “Upcycling City Made by the Citizens,” on December 9

  • Urban Planning News SMG 2510

    ZERO 12.09 14:00-16:00

    On December 9, Seoul held the Seoul Upcycling Forum under the theme, “Upcycling City Made by the Citizens” together with upcycling experts, activists, and citizens at the Seoul Upcycling Plaza.

    The forum began with a keynote speech by Ralph Wiegmann, the CEO of iF International Forum Design, to explain the true meaning of the innovative value of upcycling for a sustainable society.

    Next, the excellent cases in the fields of corporate cooperation, citizen participation, and education were presented through relay lectures by the companies that moved in Seoul Upcycling Plaza, citizens’ planning group, schools that provided upcycling classes, and young venture owners in the field of environment.

    The governance that was formed through the forum will play a pivotal role in executing the projects of the Seoul Upcycling Plaza in order to promote and sustainably operate upcycling based on innovative the performances that have already been achieved.

    For more information on the Seoul Upcycling Forum, visit the website of the Seoul Upcycling Plaza (www.seoulup.or.kr).