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  • Seoul Up-Close: Namdaemun Market at night

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    Seoul is a wonderful city to live in. There are many sights and sounds to experience! This video was filmed at Namdaemun Market in the evening, during the slower time of the day. At certain times, this market is so crowded you can barely walk around! At the time when much of this was filmed, many shops had already closed for the day. It’s a different vibe around those times. I like the darker feeling of the market when shops begin to close. It’s an interesting vibe. I made this video for 2 reasons: I enjoy exploring Korean market places, and it was a film test for our new Sony A7s camera! The Sony A7s is famous for it’s low light sensitivity. I wanted to test this out at the famous Namdaemun Market in low light situations, and share the footage with you all. I’ve never owned a high-end camera like this before, but have been wanting to get into higher quality film production for a long time. I want to create more cinematic videos about Korea and share them with you all! So stay tuned for many more videos filmed with the Sony A7s!