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  • Seoul Unveils the Restoration Site <Dilkusha> for the First Time to Citizens in Celebration of the March First Independence Movement Centennial

  • SMG 1456

    The <Dilkusha> with its red bricks and arched windows is the uniquely named house of ‘Albert Taylor,’ the American who first reported the March First Independence Movement overseas. As the space of a Western Person of Distinguished Services to Independence who contributed greatly to Korea’s independence, the significance of the 100th anniversary of the March First Independence Movement will be relived at <Dilkusha>, which is also a meaningful landmark due to its modern architectural style of the Japanese colonial era.

    Seoul is restoring <Dilkusha>, the home of Albert Taylor, who was the first to break the news of the March First Independence Movement overseas, to create a gallery that shines a light on foreigners who contributed to Korea’s independence. The <Dilkusha> restoration site will be open to all citizens as well as local and foreign visitors for the first time in celebration of the March First Independence Movement centennial on March 1 (Fri) from 14:00 to 16:20, together with citizen participatory events. However, the interior of <Dilkusha> will not be open to public for safety reasons.

    The last squatter who unlawfully resided in <Dilkusha> left in July 2018, and construction for restoration began in November that year. Seoul is undergoing restoration of the structure with the aim of opening it by 2020, and it will be open to citizens as an exhibition hall of the independence movement once construction is complete.

    For more information on the ‘100th Anniversary of the March First Independence Movement <Dilkusha> Opening Event Program for Citizens,’ contact the Seoul History & Cultural Heritage Division (82-2-2133-2636).