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Typography Contest

  • Seoul Typography Contest – Yun-young Um

  • Typography Contest 480

    This is the ‘New image’ of the Seoul City Map made by the Hangulggol Soceity. We portrayed Seoul City by making logotypes of the city’s famous buildings. The reason we did this is because we believe that Seoul is best portrayed by its famous attractions, and we did so by combining it in one graphic image to see visually. Each of us chose one famous attraction and interpreted it in our own graphic way. The reason we did this individually is to show the different colors of Seoul, and the varying beauty that lies within each building. Then we placed it according to its location on the Seoul city map. By doing this, we want our viewers to see how all of these logotypes together are reminiscent of Seoul. We hope viewers to see the harmony between typography and graphic image through this ‘New image’ of the Seoul City Map, and enjoy this map regardless of their mother tongue.