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  • zoe cho 02/13/2015 (5:57 오후)


  • Jodan Manua 02/17/2015 (11:33 오전)

    To Metropolitan Government Seoul,

    When can we possibly receive our prizes?
    I also sent a mail to your email address, please notify me about my request.

    Thank you!

    • Metropolitan Government Seoul 02/24/2015 (10:22 오전)

      Dear Jodan Manua,

      We are currently striving to deliver the giveaways as fast as possible, and it will be delivered in early March.

      However, we would like to ask for your understanding that the date of receipt will vary by different countries.

      Thank you.

  • Metropolitan Government Seoul 02/23/2015 (2:22 오후)

    The following is the answer in regards to the contest certificate.
    Our contest does not issue an additional certificate, and please refer to the above announcement for more details.
    Thank you.

  • Rossella Meloni 02/25/2015 (8:54 오전)

    wow, there are some really creative & interesting pieces of work there. Congratulations to the winners!

  • bezazel ferhat 04/09/2015 (6:49 오후)

    dear friends of in the radio of peace and

    It is with much joy and happiness, that I take my
    pen to write the message of love and devotion to
    you write on pink paper that I take the garden
    Love blooms in my heart And now first, I
    you send my special warm greetings from Algeria and
    I hope you are well and that doing so good
    with you and now I want to write this letter to you to ask you about my prize
    that i have won with you in your last event
    seoul mate mission two
    the kimchi poster
    till now i haven’t recived any thing by the post so i would like to ask you
    how do you have sent me my prize????
    and when do you have sent me my prize?????
    i would like to ask did you send us the gift of the seoul typography prize if so
    when and how by
    the EMS or DHL ?

    write to me on
    mr.Ferhat bezazel
    032, communal Stadium street
    ain kechera 21007

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