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  • John W. 02/11/2015 (4:18 오후)

    Congrats but I see a heavy bias which makes this whole contest quite unfair. In a design contest effort should be counted as well and some clearly put in less than those who did not win. I feel bad for those. And even in these categories the Idea Award winenrs should have been ranked much higher.

  • John W. 02/11/2015 (4:22 오후)

    And I say this as somebody who has not joined. I feel bad for those artists as they were deserving more. And I wish contests would stop getting copyrights left and right, it just makes them seem shady. Have a good day.

  • David Rogers 02/11/2015 (9:28 오후)

    I am wondering that is there any clear valuation basis for this contest. Of course the winners of the contest should be worth commemorating, however it seems unfair for some participant.

  • David Rogers 02/11/2015 (9:29 오후)

    I think The netizen poll was wrong from the first, it just vote for popularity not basis on effort on their work including the beauty and validity for typography(because some kind of works does not seem as typography work at all) And It should be clearly announce how the contest had been proceed.

  • Jodan Manua 02/12/2015 (12:36 오후)

    @John W. I participated in the competition and won in the Idea Award. Thank you for saying so!.

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