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Typography Contest

  • Seoul Typography Contest – Sơn Lê

  • Typography Contest 456

    I have never been to Seoul before, but through some Korean movies and the information in the Internet, Seoul in me is a wonderful city with lots of points of interest. Seoul is a mixture of both the ancient and modernity. I love spending time reading about the history of Seoul’s Ages. It really widen my knowledge about Korea and that’s the reason why I make Gyeongbokgung Palace the main symbol in my work of art. Besides, as a freshman studying economics, Seoul National University is my one of my biggest dream. I wish I could study in here to experience the professional study environment for even several months. So, I also make SNU parts of my picture. Blossom and Korean women in Hanbok, in my opinion, is the most glamorous things I would like to see if I have a chance to visit Seoul. It would be a big mistake of mine if I did not include these two beautiful images in my work. Moreover, I acknowledge that Seoul’s citizens take great pride in N Seoul Tower. It is said to be extremely sparkling and magnificent at night and even have a space for lovers on the top of this building. How romantic it is!. To sum up, by this contest, I would like to show my love to the faraway Seoul, to this amazing culture and to the way how Seoul has developed significantly with plenty of breathtaking buildings. In addition, I am also interested in Korean food such as Kimchi, noodles, green-tea cake … and especially Korean style of fashion. From Vietnam with love.