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Typography Contest

  • Seoul Typography Contest – Rizki Khoeri

  • Typography Contest 422

    This is my second submission. I used a tagline “Beautiful Seoul” because it’s easy to remember and such a good word. I mean, the last word between Beautiful ( -ul ) and also Seoul ( -ul ). (S) = I draw two circles for “S” from the philosophy of Yin and Yang (Like in the Flag of South Korea). It means that Seoul is one of the birthplace of philosophy. From a long time ago until now. (E) = I draw “E” like a waves. It means that Seoul is one of place that everyone can express their self in everything like art, music, etc. And Seoul is the center of the Korean Wave who creates many Korean idols. (O) = I used Namdaemun gate for “O” because Namdaemun gate means Seoul welcoming to everyone who wants to enjoy the city. (U) = I made “U” from two buildings in Seoul and Han Gang river in the middle. It means that Seoul is a modern city in the world. It symbolizes of business, entertainment, and lifestyle. (L) = I used Namsan Tower and Nam Mountain to make “L” and explain those iconic places in Seoul symbolizes of “highest”. Besides to show that famous places, I hope Seoul will be an important place in the world.