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Typography Contest

  • Seoul Typography Contest – Pei Li Toh

  • Typography Contest 603

    Seoul is the main capital of South Korea. From my point of view, Seoul is a beautiful city that has a lot of wonderful places and characteristics. In my design, I have used the words ‘SEOUL’ in two different languages which are English and Korean to create the typography arrangement. The theme of my design is the combination of modern and tradition about Seoul, Korea. As you can see, the letter ‘O’ looks like the flag of South Korea. The Yin part is made up with the arrangement of 서and below it is 울 which mean Seoul in Korean writing. Moreover, the letter ‘U’ is made up by the trigrams of the flag. I think it is suitable to use as the element of typography design because it can be considered as the ancient Chinese classic I Ching in Korea. Besides that, I have added in the heritage and landmark of Seoul which are the silhouette of Changdeokgung and the iconic N Seoul Tower as a part of my design. Furthermore, I have used Korean traditional geometric pattern which is the decorative motifs that will appear in textiles and architecture as the design for the background. The colour that I chose is colourful because it can bring out the feeling of pleasure to visit Seoul and also represents the amazing life of Seoul.