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Typography Contest

  • Seoul Typography Contest – Min Yu Koh

  • Typography Contest 375

    A series of 3 artwork with the theme of “안녕” I did for the Seoul Typography Contest. This digital art piece is made using the Hangeul form of 안녕 to form a face. It is up to the viewer to decipher what the image is but for myself, when creating and playing with the hangeul, it formed like a woman gently singing. I chose a very soft yet vibrant colour because I cannot forget the beautiful morning I saw on the Korail from Seoul to Busan for holiday last October. I was astounded and agreed that Korea is definitely worthy of being called The Land of the Morning Calm. To me, it is very interesting that Korean’s hello and goodbye can be interchangeably used with just a single word — “안녕”. To me, as a foreigner, it is a very fresh and exciting concept of greeting. The reason why I chose 안녕 as my theme for this contest is because irregardless of nationalities or even ages, many people in the world knows how to say “Annyeonghasaeyo”.