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Typography Contest

  • Seoul Typography Contest – Min Yu Koh

  • Typography Contest 558

    The last of the series of 3 artwork with the theme of “안녕” I did for the Seoul Typography Contest. I remember the faces of the friendly people of Korea, both in Seoul and Busan when I visited last October. Despite the language barrier, the people I met were often smiling and greeting me with “Annyeong”. For this piece, I played with the fact that the Hangeul of “안” ends with a ‘ㄴ’ and ‘녕’ starts with a ‘ㄴ’. So I combined and created a smily face. This monogram of Hangeul created an abstract of Korean Masks I saw at the museums. The combination of both the long history of masks and the beautiful language of Hangul, I believe that more people in the world will love Korea as much as I do too. With that, I start by saying Hello 안녕 and hopefully with a beautiful goodbye 안녕!