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Typography Contest

  • Seoul Typography Contest – Kelly Lim

  • Typography Contest 593

    SEOUL IS JUST LIKE PATBINGSU I used Patbingsu as my subject matter not just because it is a traditional food in Korea, I used to represent Seoul because Seoul is a place which full with creativity enjoyment from traditional to modern, just like Patbingsu. Everyone love it because not just only the taste but the feeling. Eventhough is traditional or play with flavour, different outcome of Patbingsu will created different visual and taste. So, in my opinion, Patbingsu is a food which may come out with variety sorts, so may create a lot of creativity enjoyment. Since the aim of this contestnot just visualize Seoul’s image but show Seoul I’m dreamed for. So through this artwork, I hope may let other know eventhough you never visit Seoul, you still may imagine how it’s look like, whiat is the kind of enjoyment, just like when you eating a Patbingsu, how it look, how it taste. How you imagine Seoul, How it look like.