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Typography Contest

  • Seoul Typography Contest – Chester Sia

  • Typography Contest 603

    As a 9th grader student, I visualizes Seoul as an exciting to visit. On top, I drew the COEX Mall which I believe is very fascinating because it is the world’s largest underground shopping mall. Faces flashing on the windows of the COEX Mall were an Asian who represents some natives of Seoul. At the center I put the word SEOUL and with that I put some padlocks hanging which is a sign of sweetness for all couples to show their love for each other. I design each letter of SEOUL for it to be more colorful and attractive as it was the same at the N Seoul Tower located at the right side of my drawing, also, in the Gyeongbokgung Palace. How I wish I could visit that wonderful place! Because I can only see this on television shows of Korean drama series here in the Philippines. On top, I drew some Cherry Blossoms which represents that it is already the end of trials; it also serves as decoration to make the place beautiful, happy and full of joy. And when you’re on top of Seoul, you can see tall buildings surrounding the beautiful place of Seoul.