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Typography Contest

  • Seoul Typography Contest – Ariel Chia

  • Typography Contest 416

    The font-type selected has inspired from South Korean characters to form the the word “Seoul”. The characters are then rearranged to break the linear format to represent the fun experience that one can experience in Seoul. Seoul has a unique blend of historic scenic spots and entertainment, not to mention the really good food. I attempt to list down the attractions and food that one can experience within the text “Seoul” itself. – “S” contains the locations of historic spots – “E” contains the shopping locations – “U” contains the various Korean delicacies (U is chosen for this purpose as it looks like a shape of a “bowl” – “L” contains the 2 famous amusement parks in Seoul – All of the characters above surrounds the character “O” which contains the word “seoul”, re-emphasizing that one can experience all of the above in Seoul itself The reason for using red and blue font for the inner characters as they represent the colours of the taeguk on the Korean national flag.