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Typography Contest

  • Seoul Typography Contest – Arby Hamiya Saquilabon

  • Typography Contest 683

    Seoul is a diverse city; featuring both its history and its progressive promise through its picturesque scenery. The city is abundant with culture and aesthetics that further describe the beauty of the country. The reason why many tourists are fond of visiting this paradise. The typographic artwork, forming “SEOUL” in Hangul, represents memorable Seoul landmarks and what they symbolize: The Sungngyemun Gate for History and Strength;The N Seoul Tower for Prosperity and Nature;The Lotte World for Leisure and Entertainment;The Banpo Bridge for Beauty and Calmness; and The Fortress Wall of Seoul for Protection and Culture.The simplicity and balanced composure of the design represents the peacefulness and cleanness of the city. -Arby Hamiya C. Saquilabon, Philippines