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Typography Contest

  • Seoul Typography Contest – Anne Kvernberg Toven

  • Typography Contest 356

    The heart of Seoul. I wanted to create a typography that represents the heart of Seoul,that i am dreaming of. To capture the beauty of the cherry trees that Seoul is known for. Unfortunately iv never been to the city but by seeing videos, pictures, talking to friends thats been there i see Seoul as colorful, organic, with tradition, clean and a nature that has to be seen. The design functions well as a large or small image. Seoul is in the center and has good readability. The typography is drawn and i tried to keep it a little uneven to match the structure of the tree, but still have a good flow. Wanted to keep the colors natural and bright. And the hangul writing of Seoul which is drawn, i think it fits with the other elements. For marketing it works well as a label, on tourism products or posters, stickers etc. One day i would love to experience a spring flower festival in Seoul, to see all the beautiful flowers. I hope this design can represent a good image of Seoul. I work as an freelance graphic designer in Norway and its a hard profession and I’m really happy that i could get an opportunity like this. Thank you. asktoven.weebly.com