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  • Seoul-type Green Industries Fostered by Support from Green SMEs

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    Seoul has been fostering and supporting Seoul-type Green Industries* through the establishment and operation of high-quality support programs and tailor-made support hub for green SMEs.
    * Seoul-type Green Industries: Renewable energy, LED, green car, green architecture, green service, green IT, urban resource circulation

    The Green Technology Center has been providing green SMEs and those who are preparing to start businesses with professional and start-up mentoring services and support for manufacturing prototypes, as well as education and training. This year, in particular, the institution will reinforce the competence of companies by offering education and consultation for acquiring green certificates (for more than 25 companies), providing support for the fees for acquiring green certificates (for more than 2 companies), and distributing (more than 250 points of) information on starting a business.

    Seoul-type Green Industries Fostered by Support from Green SMEs
    < MOU Signing Ceremony at an Export Consultation Conference> < MOA Signing Ceremony with Overseas Delegation >

    Additionally, the Green Technology Center has plans to open a special exhibition online (in September) through major domestic mobile platforms in order to increase companies’ sales. The center will hold an export consultation conference (in July) to develop overseas markets (for more than 20 companies) and dispatch delegations (of more than 10 companies, in November).

    Support “until the very end” for entering foreign markets will be provided for the SMEs that prove possession of excellent technologies and green products in the course of going forward with business.