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  • Seoul Triples Number of Eco-friendly Electric Buses to Improve Air Quality

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    Seoul Triples Number of Eco-friendly Electric Buses to Improve Air Quality
    Electric Buses
    Electric Bus Charging Station Inside of Electric Bus

    Seoul will be drastically expanding the introduction of electric buses for air quality amelioration effects, such as reduction of particulate matter and smoke, and in order to prepare an eco-friendly public transportation system. Following the introduction of 135 electric buses over the last two years, Seoul will be introducing an additional 326 electric buses, twice the original number, in 2020. The number of electric buses will reach a total of 460 by the end of this year as they will be released in order starting in July.

    The city will accelerate the expansion of introducing eco-friendly means of transportation by taking measures such as replacing medium-sized green buses that operate on the roads around residential areas with electric buses. This will solve citizens’ concerns about inconveniences such as air pollution and particulate matter due to the operation of buses near their houses, allowing them to experience the effects of eco-friendly public transportation in their lives.

    An advantage of electric buses is its large effect on environmental improvement. Zero emission of pollutants or greenhouse gas proves it to be a more advanced, eco-friendly means of transportation than a CNG bus. Buses run an average of 229 km daily, so its effects will be felt much greater than that of an electric automobile. Electric buses also have little noise or vibration, which improves the quality of the ride for passengers and reduces the fatigue of drivers, assuring safe driving.

    With the additional introduction of electric buses this year, the number of intracity bus lines that operate electric buses will rise from 17 to 40. The lines were selected to include the green circulation line that passes around Namsan Mountain and Gyeongbokgung Palace in a green traffic area, considering general factors, such as whether the line is equipped with charging stations and whether the line is in a green traffic area.

    Seoul has plans to increase the number of eco-friendly (including electric) intracity buses to 3,000 and green shuttle buses to 470 by 2025.