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  • Seoul Transportation Corporation and KT to improve subway station environment through ICT

  • Press Releases SMG 823
    • – Seoul Transportation Corporation has installed a device to measure fine dust to improve air quality in Gwanghwamun, Wangsimni and Janghanpyeong stations as a pilot program
    • – Scream-sound detection sensors are installed to prevent crimes in ladies’ rooms in 10 stations on Line 5 where sexual offence cases are frequent
    • – Intelligent closed-circuit televisions are installed in subway stations and car depots to find passenger collapse and facility trespassing
    • – Seoul Transportation Corporation is the first to analyze the power usage of subway trains for energy saving

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, March 23, 2018 – Seoul Transportation Corporation and KT announced a pilot program of installing ICT system in major subway stations and car depots on Line 5 this year to improve air quality, prevent safety accidents and crimes, and efficiently use energy.

    Devices to analyze the air quality in real time have been installed in Gwanghwamun, Wangsimni and Janghanpyeong stations in Line 5 for better air quality. Ladies’ room is the place where sexual crimes are most frequent in subway stations, but CCTV cannot be installed due to personal privacy. As an alternative, a real-time detection system of emergency has now been installed in the ladies’ room. If the device, called Safe Mate, detects screaming sound, it turns on the warning light at the entry of the ladies’ room and sends alert messages to the mobile phones of the employees at subway stations. Seoul Transportation Corporation will build up a system to report the accidents to the police in cooperation with Center for the Prevention of Crime. Intelligent CCTV and IoT-based management system are installed in Gwanghwamun and Cheonho stations and Godeok Car Depot. With the system, the operation control center can immediately find if passengers collapse, subway platform are overcrowded and the gates of restricted areas are open.

    KT GiGA Energy Manager is installed to analyze power usage in real time in 14 substations which supply power to subway stations on Line 5. Seoul Transportation Corporation will utilize the energy manager to separately measure the power usage of stations and subway trains for the first time in the country. By doing so, Seoul Transportation Corporation plans to come up with measures to save energy usage through big data analysis technology.