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  • Seoul transfers its global best policies to 14 developing countries

  • Press Releases SMG 4596

    – With its know-how, expertise and technology accumulated in the rapid urbanization process, Seoul will share its best policies with 15 cities in 14 countries
    – Seoul will first focus on the four major policy transfer areas – Water supply, Metrorail, Transportation, E-government, where the city has the world best quality and there are urgently needs in developing countries
    – The SMG will expand its project scope and develop tailored policy model regarding urban planning, housing among other areas
    – The SMG established ‘International Exchange Business Committee’ and the ‘Global City Research Center to lead the initiatives across the entire city government
    – The SMG aims to elevate the international status of Seoul with its city diplomacy for co-prosperity and establish a bridgehead for domestic companies to enter the market


    The Seoul metropolitan government sets out to transfer its state-of-the art policies and technology to many developing countries. There are four major policy transfer areas; water supply system, metropolitan subway, transportation and e-government. The world-leading administrative system of the SMG in these four areas will be exported to 15 cities in 14 countries in Southeast Asia, Middle East and Central and Latin America.

    The list of fifteen cities in detail;
    – Six cities from Southeast Asia include: Ho Chi Minh City, Danang in Vietnam, Manila Bangkok in Thailand, PMB Island in Brunei
    – Three cities in Southwest Asia and the Middle East include, Mumbai, in India, Basra in Iraq
    – Three cities in Central and Latin America include, Chanchamayo in Peru, Bogota in Colombia
    – Three cities in Oceania and Africa include, Maputo in Mozambique, Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

    The SMG will provide policy consulting to these cities and participate in their transportation system building project and water supply system improvement projects. Some of the initiatives have already taken off in consortium with private sector, while some of them have already set up specific process.

    The prime goal of policy export is to form city diplomacy, elevate the international standing of Seoul and establish a bridgehead for domestic companies to enter the market.

    The SMG official said that the city government wants to share its policy know-hows and development expertise, all of which accumulated through Seoul’s own rapid development, as many cities in other developing countries are confronted with many similar problems entailed in a fast urban sprawl. Seoul’s development process was very different from those of cities in the advance countries, since Seoul has achieved the so-called ‘compressed development’ and became a world-class city in a very short period. In this regard, Seoul’s know-how on city development is considered as a role model for many cities in the developing countries.

    Indeed, a number of cities in developing countries have already requested the SMG to offer policy cooperation and support. Already, cities such as Abu Dhabi, Buenos Aires, Yangon, and Metro Manila join the list of the cities that look to Seoul for help. It is expected that the demand will only grow.

    In a meeting with Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon, Mr. Sarza, the director of Public Transportation Bureau requested Seoul’s cooperation for establishing their public transportation master plan whereas Mayor Macri of Buenos Aires mayor sought Seoul’s help in e-government, transportation and water and sewage system in his meeting with Mayor Park in Feb, 20, 2012.

    In the meantime, the mayor of Yangon, Myanmar, asked Seoul to share its policies on urban planning and urban infrastructure policy in his meeting with Mayor Park on Septembe…